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My first MOC in 1:13 scale. This is a Mercedes-Benz Actros 4150K  picture   datasheet (gross vehicle weight of 41 tonnes, 500 PS and a special frame to mount a tipper [Kipper in german] ).
The tipper itself is a Meiller 2-way tipper  datasheet with bordmatic (hydraulically actuated side panel) on the left side and a normal side panel (with spring relief) on the right side.
Last but not least there is a rear mounted HIAB 225E  picture   datasheet loading crane with outtriggers.

Here are the rough technical specifications:

The model is fully functional on the whole - the only problem left are the weak Lego pneumatic cylinders in the loading crane. If powered by the compressor, it is near to impossible to reasonably actuate the loading crane with a mounted clamshell bucket. Whereas if you are using the hand-pump to support the compressor, it sometimes happens that the pneumatic switches can not withstand the pressure.

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