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Actros 4150K LDraw model

After more than a year I have finally finished drawing my Actros 4150K with MLCAD .
All pneumatic hoses and electric wires are currently missing. This will most probably not change in the near future, since modelling of these parts is not trivial even with LSynth .

Some statistics:

  • The model consists of approx. 4000 parts

All sub-models are divided in building steps and it would be possible to generate building instructions using LPub . The OpenGL renderer LDView in version 3.x would be most suitable for this job, but unfortunately LPub has some problems: version 2.4 won't even start on my machine and version 3.0 alpha crashes as soon as I start the generation process.

Click here to download the LDR files (including a BrickStore part list)

Please note:

  • You need some unofficial parts - the best thing would be to install all unofficial parts .
  • Also two modified parts are used for the steering (red parts in the model):
    1. One Gear rack 1 x 4 (3743) has to be sawn into two Gear racks 1 x 2.
    2. One Liftarm 1 x 3 x 0.5 (6632) might have to be sanded down a bit.