#include MAN F90 50.403 10x8/8

Dies ist ein MAN 50.403 (50 Tonnen, 400PS, F90 Serie) mit einer 10x8/8 Achskonfiguration (5 Achsen x 4 Angetrieben / 4 Gelenkt).

Momentan leider noch nicht besonders viel Text -- aber das Modell ist auch noch lange nicht fertig ! This is a MAN 50.403 (50 tons, 400PS, F90 series) with a 10x8/8 axle configuration (5 axles x 4 driven / 4 steered).
  • First and second axle are steered and driven using the 8466 special steering parts and four modified 24x43 technic wheels (see also Ideas section).
  • The third axle is a tag-axle. It's steered, can be lifted, but it is not driven.
  • The fourth axle is a normal driven back axle.
  • The fifth axle is driven and steered, but the steering is somewhat special: the axle is force steered and since it is rigid, the whole axle rotates (in reality this is done with hyraulics - MAN RAS-EC3)
  • All axles are fully suspended.
  • The transmission is a simple 4 speed, since there was no room for more (it has already been built "flat")
  • The engine is a standard V6 cylinder.

There is not much text yet -- but the modell is far from being finished !

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